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Back To School Jitters (Damn i thought that was over)
new look

So tomorrow i go to Pellissippi to register for my classes and im so excited and scared to death all at the same time. I was awesome in school kept good grades but ive been out for almost a year now and im kinda nervous that im gonna fuck up. Its all on me now 100% im 19 years old and this isnt gonna be high school anymore its college and no one really gives a shit whether you make it or not...i mean i never really had a problem with school but atleast in high school i knew that if i was struggling there was always someone there to help...i guess its just the thought of not having a safety net anymore, being out of my comfort zone and jumping into the great unknown. i just feel like my whole future is riding on these next few years and the classes i take and the grades i make...i guess i never really sat down and took time to think about the pressure that hits you when you go into this again. im not having doubts or anything im not gonna back out i just may have heart failure the first day....>.<


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